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Slow Dance Weekend

Slow Dance Weekend, Febrary 6 – 8 / Rochester, NY – teaching

Mike’s DJ Bio (finally…)

The local dancers in Austin already know that I’m also a DJ, but I always forget to put it up here so everyone knows. Well, now it’s up on the about Mike page. I love spinning tunes for dancers. It’s always exciting to introduce people to the music that really gets me [...]


Four letters: I-L-H-C. Spells awesome! The International Lindy Hop Championships was an amazing experience this year. Every year it just gets more and more amazing.
This year, Laura and I didn’t quite go as crazy with the amount of choreography we competed with, but we did put ourselves out there and did pretty [...]

A Brief Intro

Mike and Laura started dancing in the early 2000s in San Antonio. It wasn’t a very large scene, and the people teaching them hadn’t been dancing very long, but they quickly came to love lindy hop, charleston, jazz, vintage clothing, 20s, 30s & 40s history and everything involved.

Now Mike and Laura travel the world teaching, competing, performing and learning. They are passionate believers in dancing with swing, with rhythm, with presence and for your partner. They constantly strive to show something genuine and fun, rather than the next cool move. They are also active participants in their home community, Austin, TX; co-owning a teaching company, The Lindy Project, with Scott Angelius, participating in the Austin Swing Syndicate board, the Austin Lindy Exchange board, DJing, organizing community events, and any number of things to keep Austin one of the best scenes around.